Who You’re Workin’ With



Bike Shop Owner Extraordinaire.

Mike grew up in the neighborhood and has many fond memories of going to Solano Avenue Cyclery as a kid. Getting to open a bike shop in the same location has been the realization of a dream.
When he’s not at the bike shop, Mike can be found at Bike Party, shredding the trails with the crew, or tending to his flock of chickens and ducks, and his goats at home.





Mechanic, and shredder of gnar


Larry (Jon)


Mechanic, master of touring and riding flaming bikes.




First Lady of the shop, social media coordinator, general shop help.

When she’s not managing the production side of Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden, Anne can be found helping out at the shop in between bike rides

6 thoughts on “Who You’re Workin’ With

  1. Hi!
    I’m with a local public elementary school doing solicitations for our annual auction. Can I have an email to send you our letter?



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